My thoughts: 2 weeks into the Ultimate Reset

Two weeks down, One to go….When I started my fitness journey, I knew I wanted to do The Ultimate Reset. It is right up my alley: I love programs that teach me about nutrition and the way what I eat affects my body. I have always been interested in nutrition. I knew the program would be tough to stick to so I chose a month where we didn’t have too many celebrations so I wouldn’t be faced with temptation (or so I thought). Here are my general thoughts now that I am more than halfway through the program and can see the finish line in sight!


  1. There is never a perfect time to do a program like this. This program is 21 days of regimented eating and taking natural supplements at certain times of the day. Don’t get me wrong, it’s plenty of food but there is no room for deviation. This isn’t a diet, it’s a detox so you need to stick to the plan 100% in order to see results and truly get all the benefits of the program. I picked March because it cleared the holidays, both kids birthdays and some other family birthdays but didn’t take into consideration other friend’s birthday parties we would go to, our family’s celebration of Nooruz (New Year) or that my transition period out of the program which requires you to slowly reintegrate the foods that were eliminated for 21 days would run right into Easter. So, I have some days ahead where I will be faced with temptation. Luckily, I am committed enough now to it that I will not stray but just know, there will never be a perfect time so you have to have the perfect mindset.
  2. Eating is 100% emotional. I was reading the guidebook for the program the other day when I had an evening attack of the hungries and it said that if you feel hungry, make sure it is actually hunger you are feeling. You may be thirsty or you made be trying to fill another need. BINGO. Hit the nail right on the head with that one. Have you ever had a rough day with the kids and all you want is a piece of chocolate? Same idea. I have been working to be more mindful of that feeling and this program is challenging me to do so but it’s a good challenge.
  3. Eating 3 meals a day is a huge adjustment. I am a snacker, a grazer. I like to be able to have something small between meals. My problem lies in when that something small becomes something big. On the Reset, I eat 3 meals a day that are larger in quantity (and in quality!) and sometimes have a mid-afternoon snack. Any you know what? I think I am less hungry eating this way than I am when I am constantly snacking.
  4. I could (and probably should) eat this way the majority of the time. I feel so much better eating vegan. I don’t really miss meat although I do miss eggs and yogurt (and cheese but cheese is a slippery slope for me as it is for so many of us! ) so perhaps I would adopt this way of eating 80% of the time but getting all my nutrient from fresh, organic fruits and vegetables and some whole grains has been great for my body. I have notorious digestive issues that have never really been solved so diet is really where I try to work on those and the Reset has opened my eyes to the way I should be eating most of the time (well, ideally all of the time but I am human and Italian so probably not ALL of the time).
  5. And as for the foods I miss. I am surprised by this list but here are some of the foods I am looking forward to reintroducing into my diet: dates, peanut butter, eggs, coconut milk yogurt (which I plan to make myself), bananas, black tea (not so much for the caffeine but because I like the taste) and my healthy chocolate chip cookies. Not too bad. But notice, I don’t miss bread, I don’t even miss pasta…maybe pizza a little but even that didn’t come up first on my list!

I am excited to see and share my results next week! I can already say that I feel lighter…the bloat is gone! I know for some programs like this may seem crazy but it really brings such a mindfulness to how we fuel our bodies and I think we could all use that, especially in a world where food is consumed so fast that we barely have the time to think about what we just ate. I think this may become an annual tradition for me…everyone needs a good tune-up every now and then, right!


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