Preparing for The Ultimate Reset

I posted a video last week talking about my next program now that Master’s Hammer & Chisel is over (as an aside, I can just giving myself a HUGE pat on the back for doing ALL 60 days with no cheating and no breaks), I have a new exciting goal…to complete Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset. I got the program last week and I spent the weekend reading the program guide and getting ready for my grocery shopping today. I am all shopped out and I am now officially ready to start tomorrow morning.

Let’s chat a bit about the program. It is a guided detox. It is NOT a fast. I will be eating real food but it will be mostly vegan and low in grains and there are supplements to take as well. I realize it seems involved but I love the science behind it and the idea of resetting my body so that it works better, I feel better and I can move forward to continue to make healthier decisions. Most of the food is completely normal to me but I am going to have to get used to eating miso soup (never been a big fan) and nori (also never been a big fan). I am committed and determined though to see this through and follow the meal plan to a T. I am going to be looking to all of you to keep me accountable and I can’t wait to see the results on Day 22.

When I make a promise to myself, I tend to stick to it. It isn’t worth it to cheat myself by not following it through. Stay tuned to follow my story and hear how it’s going!! On tomorrow’s menu: tempeh. Never had it but looking forward to trying it.IMG_20160211_180213127


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