Why I became a coach

It’s Superbowl Sunday. My husband is watching the game and I am spending some time working on my business. Yes, my business. Being a Beachbody coach and building my team means that I own a business. I create my own hours. I get to build my future. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I am a stay at home mom. Coaching fits seamlessly into my life and my number 1 priority which is my family.


It isn’t easy to lose weight. It isn’t even easy to admit that you want to do the work needed to lose weight. As a coach, my job is to be there to motivate and guide the members of my group after the shininess of the first week of their workouts has ended. When things get hard, I am the first line of defense. That’s it. I’m not a trainer and I’m not a nutritionist (although I would one day like to complete a nutrition certification). I am a cheerleader for everyone who wants to join me in getting fit and healthy.

But why become a coach?  Well, I thought I would share with you some of the reasons why I felt compelled to join Team Beachbody and why I am loving the work I am doing. Do you think being a coach could be a good fit for you?  I know it seems scary and unknown and you may even have some misunderstandings about it. Is it a pyramid scheme? Can I really make money? Is this legit? That’s OK. You’ll never know the answers unless you ask.

Reach out to me. I am running a coaching mentoring program but I have limited spots to ensure I can work one on one with you to help you achieve your goals and get started in this business on the right foot. I’ve got huge goals and I know you do too. Let’s go get them together. Apply here and I’ll connect with you to talk more about your goals and dreams


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