Breaking through a slump


Like so many of us, I have had ups and downs in my fitness and health journey. A few years ago, I was extremely committed to going to the gym 5-6 times a week. I loved the gym and I hated to miss my workouts. I had workout buddies and they often pushed me when I wasn’t feeling like working out. But like so many of us, life just got in the way and I got into a slump. But how to go about getting out of it? That was the real problem. I would try to commit and then keep falling off.  I can proudly say now that I have been following my current eating plan and fitness program since August 16th. I broke through my slump. They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit. Why 21 days, well because like in Black Jack, that’s the magic number. While 21 days seems doable, it is still quite a string of days to put together. So, how to go about it and find success? The key, I have found, is support and accountability.

When life and our schedules change, we must change with it. I found it difficult to get to schedule gym workouts around my 8 month old’s ever-changing and seemingly always shortened nap schedule. The answer for me came in the form of home workouts and the challenge/accountability groups that I was placed in where other people were also completing these workouts and following a similar eating plan.  Some days the other members would share recipes that I wanted to try; other days seeing their completed workout photos would light a fire under me to complete mine.  If we don’t tell anyone our plan to get healthy and lose weight, we have an easy escape. By letting ourselves just dabble in our healthy lifestyle, our behavior doesn’t support the commitment we are telling ourselves we are making.

Think about all those major moments in your life: getting engaged, getting a new job, getting into college, starting a family. These are all things you share with people in your life. Our commitment to getting healthy and fit should be no different; some days we will benefit the most from the groups but other days, the things we post will resonate with other members and help them break through a slump.


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