Tips for staying on track while on a trip

This past weekend, I traveled to NYC (sans kids) for a solo mama trip and to visit some friends. It was a beautiful weekend and I had a lovely time. When packing, however, I decided I wanted to try to stay on track with my eating plan and exercise whenever possible so I came up with some strategies:

  1. Find the time to move: I got up a bit early to get my Upper Fix workout done so my Friday workout was taken care of. On top of that, I walked A LOT. I was on my own for the better part of both days so I made it a point to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge; something I had been wanting to do for a long time. I also took the subway sparingly and opted, instead, to walk as much as possible.                                                                                                                              12047432_10102038605135767_214404934_n
  2. Pack your snacks: I packed a lot of snacks for myself. I brought my Shakeology for both days and drank one on the bus on the way to New York. I also packed some grapes, pepper strips, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes, and mini larabars. These snacks enabled me to always have something healthy with me whenever I felt hungry. I also made sure to have as much water as I could throughout the day.                                                                                  12048502_10102038291614067_1538722850_n
  3. Treat yourself in an untraditional way: I love tea. I like to try different types of tea and to sit and relax with a cup of tea while listening to music or reading a book. Much to my delight, as I was walking through SOHO, I walked past a tea bar and decided to stop in and treat myself to a really yummy Genmaicha Macha. I didn’t eat anything with it, I didn’t add any sugar to it. I just enjoyed the tea as it was.                                                                                                     12048788_10102038539177947_1601237762_n
  4. Strategically decide where and when you will indulge: Indulgences are OK. We all need some in our lives. The problem is that too often for me, I make room for too many indulgences, especially when I am on vacation. During this trip, I knew that we had dinner plans for a friend’s birthday so I saved an extra yellow container for a glass of wine and I allowed a small dessert as an indulgence that day. Because I had stayed on track for the rest of the day, I felt accomplished and happy that I could partake in dessert with my friends.
  5. Set yourself up for success: On Saturday, before seeing a Broadway show, I wanted to find some lunch. Healthy options, while readily available in New York, are not as readily available around Times Square. I walked a bit out of my way and was faced with a hamburger chain or a hummus/falafel/grilled chicken restaurant. I opted for the latter and was able to put together a beautiful salad with grilled chicken and hummus and I even added a fresh, cold-pressed green juice to it!



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