Meal planning like a boss

Today I begin my second round of the 21 Day Fix. The good news is that I spent a good portion of the last round figuring out how best to meal plan. With a few tweaks, I have completed my meal planning for the first week. Here are some tips that I have found to be successful in meal planning:


  1. Prepare, prepare, prepare: If you can wash it, cut it or cook it ahead of time, do it. It will mean that anytime you are hungry, you have the right foods available to you so that you can avoid snacking on the stuff that isn’t so healthy.
  2. Keep it simple: I find for myself that similarity in my meals from day to day is one key to success. Too much variety leads me astray sometimes so I tend to rotate my favorite items throughout the day. For example, on Monday, I may have a hard boiled egg with breakfast while on Tuesday I will eat it on my salad and on Wednesday, it’s paired with cut up veggies for an afternoon snack.
  3. Never leave the house without a snack in your bag: You never know how long you will be running those errands and you want to be prepared for the unexpected. Just this weekend, I brought some hummus and veggies to snack on while my son ran around Chuck E. Cheese all hyped up on sugar enjoyed a friend’s birthday party.
  4. Know your weaknesses: I like a snack after dinner; something I can enjoy by myself once the kids are in bed. For this reason, I always plan for a snack after dinner. My current go-to is nonfat Greek yogurt sweetened with stevia, some vanilla extract and 1 tsp raw almond butter.
  5. Allow yourself some indulgences: Once or twice a week, I plan for 1 glass of red wine or some homemade trail mix with pecans, dark chocolate chips and raisins. As long as I can work it into the Fix meal plan, I make sure I allow myself some goodies
  6. Make room in your pantry for the right snacks: Go through your pantry and get rid of anything you don’t want to eat and that doesn’t fit into your healthy eating plan. If you have to buy separate snacks for kids, spouses or significant others, do so but hide them in a cupboard you don’t open often.
  7. Plan but be flexible: Some days you just don’t want to eat chicken or turkey meatloaf or whatever it is you had on your board. My suggestion here is to be flexible within the parameters of your plan. If you wake up one morning and want soup instead of meatloaf, go for it – just fill it with all the good ingredients you had planned to have with your meatloaf!

Now that you know what has worked for me for meal planning, comment below with some of your best tips!


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